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These are the most advanced and powerful card scanners with special features and with color capabilities that would really facilitate your job. Absolutely, hassle-free because they are easy to use and the sequential read process is efficient with no errors. Try one of these products to see the difference!

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Corex CardScan Executive with Version 5.0 Software

Corex CardScan Executive with Version 5.0 Software

Product Description Product Description
The Corex CardScan Executive 500 is an ingenious device designed to help you organize all the business cards you acquire into an easy-to-use contact database. Simply stick a business card into the scanner, and the CardScan 500's OCR technology extracts such information as names, e-mail addresses, and company, placing them into your contact manager for easy reference.

The CardScan 500 integrates nicely with ACT, GoldMine, Groupwise, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Schedule, Sidekick, and other popular programs, while also providing one-touch synchronization with Windows CE and Palm handheld devices. A PC-only device, the CardScan connects to your computer via USB or parallel ports, and can even connect to your digital phone with separately sold Fonesync software and cable.

The CardScan 500 comes backed with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Product Description
Simply feed business cards into the CardScan scanner and within seconds, the CardScan software accurately organizes all of the information into an electronic address book. Once the cards are scanned into your computer, you can use CardScan software to manage your contact information. Alternatively, you can easily get the information into the places you keep important contact information.


CardScan Executive 700 Compact Business Card Scanner

Product Review

When I purchased my CardScan Executive 700 Compact Business Card Scanner, I noticed that this product is different from what I had before. First, the sequential read process is very fast with good picture capabilities. Second, the scanning properties are very good comparing to other card scanners. Third, it’s highly compatible, automatically syncing to Microsoft Outlook, PDA and other smart phones and the Cardscan database interfaces with many contact database systems to provide updated contact information through exports or even synching of data

I believe this is the best card scanner that I’ve tried. I’ve been to this profession for 5 years in IT department and yet I haven’t found as good as this CardScan Executive 700 Compact Business Card Scanner because of its features like; it has 2-second black-and-white scan, 4-second color scan and scan 1 up to 30 cards in less time, USB powered,2.0 certified with the design that is sleek and it’s really look great.

My impression to this product is that this card scanner is the best product on the market. I do not hesitate to recommend you this CardScan Executive 700 Compact Business Card Scanner. I’ve tried it and there’s no any trouble; no matter how numerous cards to be scanned. It’s really worth your money.


Product Review

This CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner really works best! The good thing for this product is that it syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Palm, Windows Mobile, and  iPods. The sequential read process is efficient that’s one of the features that would surely give you peace of mind and it scans not only 30 but 40 cards in just a minute

I had card scanner in the past that doesn’t have special feature like CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner. At first, I don’t really have an idea how sophisticated and advance this card scanner would be. It scans your cards without errors and it has software and website back up that would give 100% security to your work. It’s compact and easy to use. I could bring this any time in my travel.

So, I highly recommend this CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner. This product deserve to give the rate of 5 stars.