Product Review

This CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner really works best! The good thing for this product is that it syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Palm, Windows Mobile, and  iPods. The sequential read process is efficient that’s one of the features that would surely give you peace of mind and it scans not only 30 but 40 cards in just a minute

I had card scanner in the past that doesn’t have special feature like CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner. At first, I don’t really have an idea how sophisticated and advance this card scanner would be. It scans your cards without errors and it has software and website back up that would give 100% security to your work. It’s compact and easy to use. I could bring this any time in my travel.

So, I highly recommend this CardScan Executive v8 Card Scanner. This product deserve to give the rate of 5 stars.